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Grilled Halloumi Cheese in Vine Leaves

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Grilled Halloumi Cheese in Vine Leaves


Ingredients: (Serves 6)


2 packs / 14 slices Halloumi Cheese

14 jarred Kemal Kukrer Grape Vine Leaves

Kirlangic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sweet chili sauce




1. Rinse to remove the salt from the cheese.

2. Cut cheese into 14 slices and soak in warm water for 2-3 hours.

3. Soak away the brine in warm water for 4-5 hours.

4. Rinse and pat dry cheese and vine leaves.

5. Place vine leaves on a clean surface and place slice of cheese in the center of each one. Gather up the edges of each leaf to form a rectangular package.

6. Brush both sides with olive oil.

7. Grill on the barbeque or in a char-grill pan until you see the grill marks on the leaves.

8. Drizzle with chili sauce and serve immediately before the cheese hardens.

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