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Herbed Lamb Pilaf

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Herbed Lamb Pilaf


Ingredients:  (Serves 6)


500 g Lamb (trimmed and cubed) by A.G.D.

1 large red apple

½ lemon, juiced

4 whole cloves

2 cups short grain rice

¼ cup vegetable oil

2 tbsp Kirlangic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 ½ cups boiling water

1 bunch spring onions, finely minced chopped

1 small bunch mint, finely chopped

1 bunch flat leaf parsley, finely minced

1 bunch dill, finely minced

1 ½ tsp Cavani Black Pepper

1 ½ tsp cumin

1 ½ tsp allspice

1 ½ tsp cinnamon

1 ½ tsp salt


1. Fill a large bowl with hot water; add a generous pinch of salt and the rice.  Stir once or twice and let to rest.

2. Heat olive oil in a cast-iron saucepan.  Add lamb and brown on high heat, stirring frequently.

3. Cut the apple in half and removed seeds.  Insert two cloves into each half.

4. Add the apples to the lamb pour in lemon juice, reduce heat to low and simmer until the lamb juices are completely reduced.

5. Meanwhile, finely chop the spring onions.  When the lamb juices have evaporated, remove the apples

and stir in ½ teaspoon salt and chopped onions and turn off the heat.

6. Rinse the rice until all of the starch is gone and the water runs clear.  Pour ¼ cup vegetable oil into a

large pot and sauté the rice. 

7. Meanwhile, add 1 tablespoon salt to 2 ½ cups of boiling water.

8. Pour the boiling water into the pot with the lightly browned rice.  Cook on high heat until the rice

absorbs the water, and then reduce heat to low.

9. Finely chop the herbs.  When the rice is fully cooked, add the meat, herbs and spices, and stir

 thoroughly.  Turn off the heat.

10. Place a double folded gauze or cotton cloth between the lid and the pot and close securely.  After the

 pilaf has steamed for an additional 15-20 minutes, serve with a green salad.

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