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Angus Pure and Natural

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We at A.G.D. are happy to introduce to you the most awarded beef in Australia, Angus Pure and Natural by T & R Pastoral. You can be assured that Angus Pure is free from growth hormones, antibiotics and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and is a completely 100% pure and natural “as nature intended.”
  The secret to providing consistently beautiful tasting beef lies with our Australian Angus farmers and their families who take pride in natural, green pasture grazing making a difference for a sustainable and healthy future for Australia.

      • Angus the Premium Breed
      • Free from Hormone Growth Promotant’s (HGP’s)
      • Free from Antibiotic treatments
      • Naturally grazed on Australian quality pastures
      • Fully Traceable
      • Eating Quality Assured
      • Graded for quality by MSA
      • Aged for Eating Perfection
      • Independently Verified

Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, one of the biggest branded beef and lamb competitions in Australia, awarded a Gold Medal last July 2012 to Certified Australian Angus Beef brand produced by T&R Pastoral, South Australia. This event proved to be a strong showcase for Certified Australian Angus Beef and its related grass-fed ‘Natural’ program, Angus Pure. This new Gold medal for the brand adds to a long list of awards garnered over the programs 16-year life span. 

Angus Pure delivers quality beef that is grown in a natural, wholesome environment; the way beef was meant to be grown.

100% pure and natural “as nature intended.”

Angus Pure and Natural meat are available for retail purchase at Sinan’s Butchery, tel. (632) 846-0368.  For wholesale purchase, contact A.G.D. (632) 836-7713 or (632) 843-2997.

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