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Since our commencement in 2007, we have been consistently recognized and certified by the various government & private regulatory boards. Our knowledge and commitment to exceed industry standards allowed us to grow with the fast-paced nature of the food and beverage industry. 

License to Operate as Food Distributor / Importer by the Food & Drug Administration

We have been found to comply with the Rules and Regulations and Technical Requirements governing

the operation/ distribution of food and food products.

Certificate of Accreditation by the Department of Agriculture National Meat Inspection.

SPS Import Clearance by the Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Industry

We satisfied all requirements set and is accredited to import meat and meat products.

Certificate of Accrediation as a Cold Storage Facility by the Department of Agriculture National Meat Inspection Service

We complied with the rules and regulations on meat inspection and is accredited to carry on the Cold Meat Storage for Domestic Meat Trade.

Sanitary Permit by Environmental Health & Sanitation Section of the City of Makati.

We met all standards set forth and was granted the permit to operate.

Certificate of Compliance from the Office of the Mayor of Makati  City.

We complied with the requirements and standards set by the Makati Health Department. in accordance with the existing Rules and Regulations.

ICARE Certificate of Accreditation by the Bureau of Customs Revenue Collection Monitoring  Group.

We are approved in accordance with Customs Memorandum Order.

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